Associate Professor
Asian Studies • Psychology
Jason Weaver

Associate Professor

Asian Studies, Psychology 

Jason is a social and personality psychologist who is particularly interested in the complex interplay between people and situations. Most of his current research examines identity and the effects of consistency motivation, but he has also studied self-fulfilling prophecies, voting behavior, sport performance, inter-cultural interactions, and romantic relationships. A guiding theme in his research is to employ creative, high-impact paradigms to investigate longstanding issues in social and personality psychology.

Contact Info

(719) 389-7595

Tutt Science #306C

Areas: Japanese American Incarceration, Political Psychology, Human Sexuality, Identity 

Assistant Professor of Psychology: 2017-present
First year at Colorado College: 2014

Research Interests


  • Identity and threat
  • Self-fulfilling prophecies
  • Stereotype threat
  • Consistency motivation


Regular Classes

PY100 Introduction to Psychology
PY202 Research Design in Psychology
PY251 Psychological Investigations
PY309 Social Psychology
PY451 Final Project



Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2013, Social Psychology
B.A., Carleton College, 2007, Psychology