Assistant Professor
Asian Languages & Civilizations


Ph.D., Comparative Literature, New York University, 2009
M.A., Comparative Literature, New York University
B.A., English Language and Literature, University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Regional and Thematic Interests

West Asia/Middle East


Dr. Bahoora's research examines the question of the universality of the project of modernity in non-European locations by theorizing the relationship between material and discursive culture in the Arab world. His work seeks to understand the relationship between modernization, nationalism, and its expression through various aesthetic genres, including poetry, the novel, architecture, and the fine arts. His research narrates the social history of the Arab world by examining the intersections of literary culture and political movements and tells the story of modernity in the Arab world through changes in practices of everyday life and through understanding emerging forms of modern identity, expressed through the literature and cultures of the 20th century Arab world. His interdisciplinary research reads the works of Arab intellectuals and writers in conversation with theories of European modernism and modernity, postcolonial theory, and urban studies/spatial theory.

Selected Publications

“Writing the Dismembered Nation: The Aesthetics of Horror in Iraqi Narratives of War” Arab Studies Journal (Vol. XXIII, No. 1), Fall 2015: 184-209

“Literature as Archive: Writing Literary History as Cultural History” Arab Studies Journal, (Vol. XXIII, No. 1), Fall 2015: 249-251

The Figure of the Prostitute, Tajdid, and Masculinity in Anti-Colonial Literature of Iraq” Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies, Vol. 11:1, March 2015: 42-62

“Baudelaire in Baghdad: Modernism, the Body, and Husayn Mardan’s Poetics of the Self” International Journal of Middle East Studies, 45 (2013): 313–329

“On Iraq War Revisionism: Kanan Makiya and the Arab Revolutions” Jadaliyya, April 17, 2013

“Shock and Awe Nation Building: Iraq’s Neo-Liberal Reconstruction” Jadaliyya, May 14, 2012