CAS Luncheon Series
Thursday, April 2 at 12:30pm
CASE Building, room W311
with Shunsuke Nozawa

While the idea of “harassment” has been part of the Japanese public vocabulary since the 1980s, diverse applications of the idea in recent years have produced various neologisms for talking about scenes of harmful social contact, ranging from now fairly well-known expressions like “power harassment” to those yet to catch on widely (e.g. “smell harassment”). Meanwhile, the societal concerns about improper contact have compelled universities, corporations, local communities, state organizations and other key institutions to craft regulatory language through which they seek to define themselves as a proper liberal space. In this talk I approach this circulation of the harassment idiom and its institutional uptakes as a question of the liberal imaginary of communication: a metapragmatic struggle over how to define and discern channels of social contact proper to liberal democratic sociality.

A light lunch will be provided.

Shunsuke Nozawa is Assistant Professor at Hokkaido University's Modern Japanese Studies Program