CAS Event
Friday, April 24 at 3:30pm
Guggenheim 205

Energy in Myanmar has played an outsized role in shaping the country’s historical, economic and social trajectory. Energy development has been used as a tool of genocide, financed decades of military oppression in isolation from the world and catalyzed mass uprisings. Recently, provision of energy has become the engine of rapid economic growth as well as a source of domestic conflicts and geopolitical contention.  This talk will discuss how Myanmar’s drive to provide energy access to two-thirds of the population still living without grid electricity is transforming people’s lives, the country’s economy, and its fragile democracy.

Chris Greacen and Chom Greacen draw on their years of experience working in Myanmar with civil society and grassroots communities, government and political parties, ethnic armed groups, as well as working as a consultant to the World Bank and other donor agencies.