Non-CAS Event
Friday, April 16 at 11am MDT


Please join us this Friday, April 16th for a virtual keynote on COVID-Induced Crises and Refugee Women’s Livelihoods with Wai Wai Nu, a former political prisoner, human rights activist, and the founder and executive director of the Women Peace Network in Myanmar. 

Speaking from her own experiences, Wai Wai Nu will focus on the impacts of COVID-19 on refugee and internally displaced women in Myanmar, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Thailand. She will reflect on displaced women’s experiences of life during the pandemic and how COVID-19 has impacted their work, health, and housing. She will also identify how displaced women have overcome these challenges, as well as the opportunities for transformation that have come with the pandemic. Finally, she will provide recommendations for improving refugee and internally displaced women’s access to dignified work, healthcare, and housing, in cities across the Global South and worldwide. Dr. Shae Frydenlund, postdoctoral fellow with Perry World House’s Global Shifts research theme, will moderate the conversation.