Non-CAS Event
November 17 through March 20, 2021

Colorful Paintings by Folk Artists of Central China, a vibrant and striking exhibit of 50 original gouache watercolors and painted woodblock prints, opens Nov. 17 at the Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures. The folk art paintings from Huxian, an official “painting county” of China, portray the life, culture, and society from 1973 to 2000. The exhibition runs through March 20, 2021.

Painted by villagers and farmers, the watercolors have gained prominence for their vivid depiction of scenes of daily existence. From dynamic landscapes and village customs to children teasing chickens and oxen fighting, the folk art captures life in rich and bold colors.

The exhibit represents a donation to the Museum of 92 Huxian paintings collected by Irv Green and Andrea Gross. The two spent years crisscrossing Hu County, talking with villagers, photographing the artists, and recording their stories in their own words. Residents of Denver, Green and Gross hope their “project in understanding could be a step towards a peaceful co-existence and economic cooperation between two of the world’s most important countries."

The Museum’s Hall Gallery currently offers a preview of November’s Main Gallery exhibit. In 17 beautiful gouache watercolors and woodblock prints, Huxian village artists celebrate life in central China. The preview spotlights four large paintings with symbolic seasonal colors; a variety of painting arts by senior Huxian artist, Luo Zhixian; and fun, imaginative paintings grouped as "Child's Play." A trio of woodblock prints completes the Hall Gallery display.

The Museum is currently free for visitors. Visitation preference is by appointment, with up to five people in a group. Regular exhibit hours are Wednesday to Saturday from 11-4 pm. For appointments, please email or call 970-221-4600. The Global Village Museum is located at 200 West Mountain Avenue. For more information, visit