Non-CAS Event
Wednesday, March 24 at 2pm EDT

Attendees should contact for the Zoom link. 

Please join the Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations for a Research Forum which offers a chance for faculty and graduate students to share their ongoing work and an opportunity for our community to learn more about ALC fieldwork. This forum will be held via Zoom on Wednesday, March 24, 2:00 - 3:00 pmZeltzyn Rubi Sanchez Lozoya, Visiting Assistant Professor of Hindi/Urdu will present "That’s BS!: Benevolent Sexism in the Mumbai Film Industry."

In India, the 2012 Delhi gang rape case catalyzed protests for women’s rights, particularly in regard to their safety. These demands were rekindled with vigor anew with the eruption of the #MeToo movement. In the Indian film industry, the most visible change appeared in the gradual increase of films with women leads. But behind the scenes, there has been comparatively less change in female representation. Currently, approximately less than 10% of film directors in India are women. Considering the importance of having stories about women being made by women, in this talk I examine the factors that hinder women’s entrance and tenure in the Mumbai film industry. I argue that a composite of concerns, including but not limited to reputability and personal security, thwarts women’s progress in the industry. I use the framework of the Ambivalent Sexism Index developed by psychologists Glick and Fiske in 1996, and revised in 2013, to examine my interviewees’ encounters with hostile and benevolent sexism. This talk complicates our understanding of the reasons that limit the work of women beyond explanations of overt discrimination.

Please contact for the zoom link.