CAS Luncheon Series
Thursday, Febraury 15, 2018, 12:30 p.m.
CAS Conference Room

In this talk, I will introduce my recent anthropological research which focused on local American Chinese Medicine. While different from other studies, I will pay close attention to the development of Chinese Medicine in America, my arguement will mainly focus on three aspects of American local Chinese Medicine: 

Field research about local American Chinese Medicine, such as education in American acupuncture colleges, and practice in local private clinics; Analysis of the distinction between the Classic Chinese medicine from Chinese mainland and local American Chinese medicine; and the influence from Europe on local American Chinese Medicine, especially in their Taoist philosophy. In my opinion, local American Chinese Medicine practitioners are smart students, they have become more excellent than Chinese scholars could imagine. On the other hand, their knowledge about Chinese Medicine is not so reliable as they believe, for there is always some loss and distortion of knowledge during cultural diffusion.    

Lihui Wang is a Visiting Scholar from the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.