Published: May 8, 2017
Geog 2852 flyer

Looking for more Asia-related courses in Fall 2017? Click course titles below for descriptions and schedules!

ASIA 2000: Gateway to Modern Asia: Exploring Regional Connections

CHIN 3321: Culture and Literature of Ancient China

CLAC/RLST 2202: Islam
     In this option one hour per week class session, you will read and discuss primary sources related to RLST 2202 in Arabic. Native speakers and Arabic language learners are all welcome.
    Anyone who is enrolled in RLST 2202 and has successfully completed two years of Arabic (or the equivalent) is eligible to enroll. For more information, contact Aun Hasan Ali.

Indonesian (Directed Independent Language Study-DILS) (will meet 2-3 times per week)


For a full list of Asia-related course offerings in Fall 2017, please view our course list.