Ketchum Hall

CARTSS Scholar in Social Science

Since the 2015-2016 academic year, when the Ketchum Renovation Project began, CARTSS has provided scholarship support for College of Arts and Sciences students who have declared majors in the social sciences. This scholarship program is part of our commitment to recognize top Colorado students for their outstanding current and potential academic achievements within the Social Sciences discipline.

About the Award

The scholarship is only awarded to high achieving Colorado residents admitted to CU Boulder; it is a renewable scholarship for $3,000.00 over two years ($1,500.00 per year).

Continuing Eligibility Requirements:

  • Maintain a 2.75 cumulative grade point average
  • Earn 28 credits per academic year
  • Continue declared major in the Social Sciences
  • Attend two Social Sciences Today Forums each semester and any CARTSS hosted Awardee gatherings

This scholarship will be reserved for your second year provided that you confirm your intent to enroll by the May 1 confirmation deadline and have participated in the activities outlined above.  Through these experiences, we hope to further your scholarly interests in the Social Sciences and connect you with faculty and students in similar interest areas.

As one of Colorado’s top students, you will experience CU Boulder’s unparalleled research and experiential learning environments and network with exceptional faculty, students, alumni and community leaders. This network of exceptional scholars and leaders will continue to spark your academic curiosity and help you distinguish yourself to future employers and for graduate school admission.

We are excited about welcoming outstanding students like you to the CU Boulder community.  We look forward to helping you achieve at your highest level.