Mini-Course: Qualitative Research Design and Data Collection Spring 2020

ARSC 5040-004

1 credit, 5 weeks

Instructor: Bryan Taylor, Communications,

Spring 2020 Mini Session 2 (2/19-3/18)

Wed, 2-4:30, IBS 150

** Note, this course was previously advertised as ARSC 5040-003, Thursdays 1-3:30. The time has changed to Wed 2-4:30. ARSC 5040-004 at this new time should appear in the registration system by Mon, Nov 18. **

Description: This mini-course will focus on concepts and practices that support the conduct of successful qualitative research projects through planning and early fieldwork stages. Material on "Design" will focus on conceptualizing, selecting, accessing, and sampling desirable research sites. Material on "Data Collection" will focus on the canonical triad of field methods: participant-observation, interviewing, and artifact analysis. Emphasis will be placed on learning best practices (e.g., of fieldnote writing) and conducting trial collection of actual project data.