Causal Inference in Social Science Research

Course Registration Code: ARSC 5040-004

Instructor: Terra McKinnish,

5 weeks, Wed, 1:30-4:00

Spring 2021 Mini Session 3 (3/31-4/28)

1 Credit


This course will cover causal inference estimation methods including Difference-in-Differences, Panel Data with Fixed Effects, Instrumental Variables, Regression Discontinuity, and Propensity Score Matching.  Each class session will include hands on practice with data sets.  Focus of the course will be on understanding the purpose, assumptions, and interpretation of these methods, which should be useful for students regardless of their preferred statistical software package.

Lectures will demonstrate methods in STATA, and STATA commands will be provided so that those without prior STATA experience can complete hands-on exercises.  Student can use other statistical software packages for the hands-on exercises if they are comfortable producing descriptive statistics and estimating regressions in that package.