Interdisciplinary Professional Socialization Seminar 

Fridays 11 am-12 pm
2 credit course (SOCY 6851, PSCI 6851, and PSYC 6831) or drop-in for no credit

Meets remotely

Zoom link:

Passcode: 934568

Instructor: Robert Wyrod

TA: Kim Truong-Vu

Course requirements for credit:

  1. You are expected to attend all the proseminar sessions.
  2. Workshopping your materials in all seminar “workshop” sessions.
  3. 25 “contact hours” are required. This can be a combination of professional socialization activities of your choice: our proseminar meetings; interdisciplinary workshops, reading, or writing groups; colloquia; training opportunities; etc.
  4. A report of your activities detailing your 25 contact hours submitted at end of the semester.

This seminar helps graduate students develop and refine a wide range of professional skills essential to success in their graduate training. The seminar meets approximately every other week and covers topics related to conducting research, grant seeking, navigating the politics of graduate life, how to be a productive writer, teaching, and many others. Seminars will often feature a guest speaker and there will also be opportunities for participants to workshop their own work and materials. The seminar may be taken for credit but every session is also open to any graduate student in the social sciences on a drop-in basis.

January 22

Art of Presenting and Providing Feedback. Prof. Lori Hunter (Sociology; IBS)

February 5

Managing Student-Faculty Conflict. Prof. Gerard Hauser (Ombuds Office)

February 19

Dissertation Grant Writing 1: The Front End. Prof. John O’Loughlin (Geography; IBS)

February 26

Dissertation Grant Writing 2: Justifying a Budget. Anni Magyary (IBS)

March 5

Dissertation Grant Writing 3: Writing the Methods and Analysis. Prof. Stefanie Mollborn (Sociology; IBS)

March 19

Writing a Diversity Statement for the Academic Job Market. Dr. Corinna Rohse (Director of Student Academic Success Center)

March 26

Wellness Break (no seminar)

April 2

Postdocs and Academic Careers Prof. Natalie Avalos (Ethnic Studies)

April 16

Student Materials Workshop: Your Professional Website and Online Presence (open to all)

April 30

Teaching Strategies and Challenges. Prof. Sarah Sokhey (Political Science; IBS) and Kim Truong-Vu (Sociology, IBS)