Supporting the development of graduate and postdoc training in the areas of research, funding, professionalization, interdisciplinary research, and networking.

Fridays from 11 AM to 12 PM in IBS 150. 

Drop-ins welcome! Coffee and light lunch provided.

January 24th

How to navigate the first years of grad school—asking questions and developing a research agenda,” Dr. Carew Boulding (Political Science; IBS)

January 31st

Writing a Book and Talking to Editors,” Dr. Justin Kirkland (University of Virginia)

February 14th 

Forming a Dissertation Committee and Dealing with Difficult Faculty,” Dr. Jennifer Fitzgerald (Political Science) and Dr. Rachel Rinaldo (Sociology)

February 21st 

Getting a Non-Academic Job,” Dr. Shwanna Mullenax (PSB Research) and Dr. Stefan Wojcik (Twitter Research)

February 28th 

Dissertation Grant Writing: The Front End,” Dr. John O’Loughlin (Geography; IBS)

March 6th 

Dissertation Grant Writing: Writing the Methods and Analysis,” Dr. Stefanie Mollborn (Sociology; IBS)

March 13th 

Dissertation Grant Writing: Justifying a Budget,” Anni Magyary (IBS)

April 3rd 

Writing and Publishing, The Basics,”  Dr. Chris Federico (University of Minnesota)

April 10th

Letters of Recommendations: Do’s and Don’ts,” Dr. Jason Boardman (Sociology; IBS)

April 17th 

CV Workshop (all are invited to participate)