Dissertation Proposal Writing Seminar


Time: 3:30pm-5:30pm

Dates: Wednesdays (bi-weekly, Aug 28 -Dec 4)

Location: IBS 401

Instructor: Amanda Stevenson (amanda.stevenson@colorado.edu)

The dissertation process often seems daunting: how do I choose a research question? What should go into the project? What milestones should I set? Where do I even begin? This workshop seeks to help you get well on your way to producing a great dissertation by helping you through the process of writing the dissertation prospectus. Each semester, the workshop brings together graduate students from the various social sciences fields starting the dissertation journey. During this workshop, you will focus in on a dissertation topic, write and workshop a draft of your dissertation prospectus, and identify potential funding sources. The workshop is organized around short memo assignments that build toward a finished proposal.  Bi-weekly writing prompts help develop your project, such as identifying a question, surveying the literature, choosing data and research methods, and producing a solid prospectus. These writing prompts are designed to keep you focused, move you forward and give you something tangible to take into conversations with your advisor as you develop your project.  This is a non-credit workshop, but there is a general expectation that students who participate will attend most of the sessions. Snacks will be served at each session.