Dissertation Proposal Writing Seminar

Starts Wed Aug 26

Dates: Wednesdays (bi-weekly, Aug 26 -Dec 2), 3:30-5:30 pm

Format: Remote, email instructor for Zoom link

Instructor: Jennifer Fitzgerald https://www.colorado.edu/faculty/fitzgerald/

Contact: jennifer.fitzgerald@colorado.edu

The purpose of this workshop is to support graduate students as they embark on the dissertation process. Students from across the social sciences will work on various aspects of the dissertation prospectus in a structured and collegial environment, guided by prompts and workshopping opportunities that will make the whole endeavor more manageable, successful and enjoyable. Different stages in this process include identifying and refining a research question, situating the project within existing literature, selecting data and research methods, and writing a solid prospectus. Ultimately, the seminar will help students stay focused on their projects, keep them moving forward through this pivotal phase of graduate study, and provide a social outlet that transcends disciplinary boundaries.