Scientist studying a petri dishScientific breakthroughs are happening in space, medicine, and technology every day and studying science while in college can lead you being a part of one of those discoveries. Interested in a career in science, but not sure about your direction? Check out this list of jobs sorted by salary to find your best fit, then utilize these job boards to help guide you there.

  • Science Careers
    Science Careers is dedicated to being the world leader in matching qualified scientists with jobs in industry, academia, and government. Their mission supports the American Association for the Advancement of Science's (AAAS) commitment to furthering careers in science and technology, with an emphasis on fostering greater diversity among the scientific community.
  • Science Jobs
    Science Jobs helps recruit the best and brightest scientists for research-oriented organizations, and provide scientists with information and resources in science, whether it is in academia, government or industry.
  • US Army STEM Careers
    Discover a wide variety of science jobs in such challenging areas as medical, clinical and environmental science, which will enable you to learn your specialty using the latest technologies and practices.
  • Science Majors & Potential Jobs
    Interested to see how your major can translate into a career in science? This website details everything you need to do in college to help you prepare!