This placement is drawn from data based on patterns of prior experience, including admission application, high school transcripts, and previous CU Boulder coursework if any.  It has been concluded that this background information, on a student’s academic experience, is a good predictor of success in precalculus and calculus courses. If a student disagrees with their placement, they may choose to take a proctored exam to demonstrate their math proficiency.

  • Results:  Testers will receive the results of the math placement via email, using the tester’s address.  The tester’s advisor will also receive placement results and testers will need to work with their advisor directly in order to register for the recommended math course.
  • Testing Limitations: Students may not take the proctored exam more than once per semester and sufficient independent preparatory work should be completed prior to a second attempt.  The Math Placement Exam is purely for placement; no requirements will be waived by taking this exam.
  • Further information: For any questions not answered here, please visit the Academic Affairs site.

Hours and Fees

Please note that the Math Placement Exam proctored in Career Services-Testing is outside of set placement dates administered by the Math Department.  An appointment at Career Services-Testing can be set up during our normal office hours of Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.  The testing fee for this administration is $30.


To set up an appointment to take the Math Placement Exam with Career Services-Testing, please call our office at 303-735-2044 or email us at

To discuss Math Placement Results and course placement please contact your Academic Advisor.