Immigration documents and procedures are a recurring and complicated bureaucratic challenge for non-U.S. students and scholars. If you are interested in obtaining an internship off campus, the first step is to find an employer who is willing to hire you. After you receive an employment offer letter from the employer, complete the international student agreement form (below). Meet with a career development advisor to learn more about finding an internship, writing a resume and cover letter, interviewing and more.

If you hold an F-1 visa and are applying for CPT, you will need to fill out the agreement form below to complete your work permission. It is important that you understand the work authorization process in order to communicate requirements and/or expectations of your work permit to employers. It will both reassure them that permission is easy to obtain and that you are eager to put in the effort to obtain the internship or job.

This agreement must be completed, signed and returned to the International Student and Scholars Services Office (ISSS) in order for the internship to be authorized by CU Boulder. This sponsorship includes workers’ compensation insurance coverage by the University of Colorado Boulder for nonpaid internships.

Curriculum Practical Training Agreement Form

CPT Form Instructions:

  • Open the form and complete it. Make sure to closely follow the instructions!
  • Once the form is completed:
    • Click “Finish” to submit it for required signatures. After your employer signs it, Career Services will sign next and then pass onto ISSS for final signature and processing. Allow up to two weeks for the process to be completed. Only after you received authorization from ISSS can you start working for your employer.

Visas & Work Authorization Resources

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)
Additional, in-depth resources relating to immigration and requirements. As a current CU student, you will need the assistance of ISSS to get your work permission organized.

F-1 Visa Employment 
The F-1 visa permits CPT and OPT permissions, meaning an internship or other part-time work (20 hours or less) that is related to your field of study.

J-1 Visa Employment
Employment for J-1s is part-time and limited to scholarships, fellowships or assistantships, which can be on or off campus with a relevant organization.

H1-B Visa Employment
The H1-B requires sponsorship from an employer and is generally used for full-time employment positions post-graduation.