As an international student, there are always concerns about which organizations and companies are willing to hire you. Look for organizations that have hired international workers in the past. This is a great way to see the variety of organizations willing to hire international students. These are just some of the resources to help research companies, target a search or focus your networking.

Going Global
Going Global has approximately 500,000 records of companies that have applied for H1B visas. Look up these companies by industry, job title, state and/or city. Open the link first while on campus, then set up your profile. You’ll be able to access it from anywhere, for free, for three full months. Career Services pays the subscription so you can use it for free!

My Visa Jobs
Find the top-100 employers who offer visa sponsorship. Check out the top-100 industries that have international workers in the United States, as well as the top-100 green card sponsors.

E-Verify is an online program run by the U.S. government that is used mostly by employers to check employee records and eligibility. Search for employers that provide work authorization and sponsorship.

H1 B - US Department of Labor
Visa information and a job search tool.

InterEdge is a private, for-profit coaching and training company that provides services for international students related to their job and internship search process in the US. They have compiled lists of top employers who sponsor H1B visas in three major fields including computer science/technology, finance/accounting, and social studies. Click on the link above to download the lists of top visa sponsors in the US. The PDF lists are offered free of charge.

International Career Fairs & Forums