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Knowing your worth and the value you can bring to a company or organization is essential to successful salary negotiation. Whether you’re asking for higher pay, additional resources or better benefits use the below salary tools to assess the company’s needs and your unique contributions to the position your pursuing.   

Salary Tools

The Salary Project

The Salary Project provides a free tool for researching compensation data by region, work experience and education level. It also has a Women in STEM salary report. 

LinkedIn Salary

LinkedIn allows you to look up earning potential by job title and location.

PayScale provides salary reports for numerous career fields.

Glassdoor Salary

Research similar companies and positions to see how your offer compares. 

Compare Cost of Living 

This online tool allows you to see the cost of food, housing, utilities, transportation and health cost of living numbers.

EMSI Alumni Salary/Employer Data

Data visualizations show job titles, employers and estimated salaries, and allows users to break down by school, college or program, and majors.