Student holding ResumesThe primary purpose of a resume and cover letter is to get you an interview. Our drop-in times are a perfect time to have them reviewed by a career counselor.

  • Your resume must be a “rapid read.” The average resume gets 10–15 seconds of initial attention.
  • Clearly showcase your relevant accomplishments, experience and skills.


Resume Quick Tips


Start your resume by reviewing your recent experiences. Keep a running document of all your jobs, projects and volunteer experiences. Write down as much detail as you can about what you did in each position. The more detail you have to start, the easier it is to edit later.

Find a format and style that fits you. Use the CU Boulder samples to get ideas on formats. Remember, these are not templates.

Build your resume for each type of position you’re interested in. This means you’ll need to customize and maximize your resume based on your experiences and what the employer is seeking.

You will get lots of feedback on your resume. Remember there is no single right way to display your information. You get to decide the format that is best for you.


    Cover Letter Quick Tips

    Cover letters are an important tool to introduce you to potential employers and demonstrate how your strengths match the position you’re applying for.

    Remember to tailor each and every cover letter for the position, do a spell check, and have them reviewed.

    Resume Videos