logoInterviews are a daunting activity when it comes to the job search. It can feel stressful to prepare for the unknown questions, hoping your skills will shine through in your carefully thought-out responses. Before panic sets in, remember that interviewing is simply a skill you can build. Like many of the skills you have from your previous experiences, practice and preparation will allow you to master it over time!  

Interview Prep is a digital tool to help you build, practice and evaluate your interviewing skills virtually, 24/7. You can select questions based on your industry or job title, crafting a unique and tailored interview experience. Once you select your questions, you will conduct your interview through the recorded platform, then review your answers utilizing the self-evaluation form. While Interview Prep is a convenient and user-friendly way to practice interviewing, you can always schedule an advising appointment or attend a drop-in session if you prefer to work directly with a career advisor.

Interview Prep
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