Man sitting a a table looking at his laptop in a blue room.

Prior to the interview, as well as the morning of, walk yourself through the following visualization:

Find a quiet spot to sit for about 10 minutes. Close your eyes and see yourself arriving at the business where you are interviewing. You walk in and introduce yourself to the receptionist. He/she greets you with a warm hello and directs you to have a seat. You look around and notice that the environment has a nice feel to it. The waiting room is aesthetically pleasing and as staff pass by, they glance over and smile at you.

The interviewer approaches you and you stand to shake their hand. He/she seems excited to meet you and you notice that you feel comfortable in their presence. You are taken into a room where there are other staff members seated around a conference room table. The interviewer directs you to sit at the head of the table. Each person introduces themselves and greets you with a warm and friendly hello. You notice that in spite of being in a room with so many individuals, you feel confident and at ease.

The questions begin and you find that you are able to answer each one in an articulate and confident manner and the committee seems pleased with your responses. Although you have been in the room for less than 30 minutes, you notice that you have a certain level of rapport with these individuals that feels as though you've known them for a long time. This makes you feel relaxed and you find it easy to be yourself.

The interview begins to wrap up. You stand and shake each person's hand. Each person smiles and expresses enthusiasm in meeting you. Their response feels genuine. You can tell that they really liked you and you feel excited about where this may lead. You walk back to your car and feel great about how you did. On your way home, you call a friend to share how it went. They can hear the excitement in your voice.

The next day you receive a call from HR and they share with you how much they enjoyed meeting you and that they want to offer you the job. In that moment, you feel elated and can't wait to share the news with others. See yourself signing all of the necessary paperwork and shaking hands with an HR representative and feel the excitement of knowing that you've been hired by a wonderful company doing work that you know you will enjoy.

See yourself sharing the news with someone close to you and imagine reacting in the way you do when something great happens in your life. Take a moment to really feel it as though it's happening right now. Use all of your senses and experience it fully.

When you are ready, slowly bring yourself back to the room you are in. Feel your feet on the floor and your back against the chair and open your eyes.

This visualization can be adapted to fit any interview process. It is recommended that it be done at least several times leading up to the interview in order to gain the full benefit of it. I've personally used this technique many times to prepare for interviews, and it always creates a sense of calmness and confidence within me. More times than not it has resulted in getting hired!