PrivateFolio is a service that provides file management. As an online letter of recommendation service, PrivateFolio allows clients to solicit, manage, and send confidential letters of recommendation along with other documents and credentials to where they need them to be. PrivateFolio is not affiliated with Career Services or the University of Colorado Boulder. **CU Boulder affiliates can receive $20 credit when they sign up for a account using the code CU BOULDER and their CU email address.

Learn more about PrivateFolio’s services through this short video: 


Set Up Your Account

After you have set up your PrivateFolio account, you can easily manage it for the actions you need (e.g., add documents, request and check for deliveries). For specific question or solutions, visit PrivateFolio’s help desk or reach out to them at

For general credentials questions, please call CU Boulder Career Services at 303-492-6541 or email