Arial view of resume and business chart laying on a desk near a computer

Resume and Cover Letter Sample

When applying for a job as an engineer, you want to emphasize your technical skills and experience while also writing a clear and easy-to-understand resume. Taking the time to perfect your resume and making sure it represents you and your professional abilities in the best light is crucial to any job search. Although format and design may vary between industries in engineering, there are a few standard requirements for your resume that shouldn’t be overlooked. Use this checklist to ensure that your resume is complete and ready for submission:

Getting Started

  • Identify the purpose of the resume, i.e. internship, job, or graduate school. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the job description and/or school program. Write down or highlight keywords from the qualifications and preferred qualifications sections that match your skills set. 
  • Plan on a one-page resume; no smaller than 10- to 11-point font; .5-inch margins.


  • Your name should be in bold in 18- to 20-point font.
  • Only one address. (optional)
  • Professional email, i.e. 
  • Phone number connected to professional voicemail and no playback ringtones.
  • LinkedIn and/or website URL. (optional)


  • List your most recent degree in progress first; bold degree and include emphasis and minor, if applicable. 
  • DO NOT include high school (unless you are in your first year of college). 
  • Include Cumulative GPA (you can also list your Major GPA. If you have a lower GPA, and your GPA has improved, you can state your GPA, then include a bullet that says: maintained (improved GPA number) for the past (# of) semesters.) 
  • Relevant Coursework Subsection (Optional) – List only courses requested in the position description or courses unique to your major. 
  • Certifications can be listed in your Education section or listed in its own section. 

Technical Skills

  • List Programming Skills, i.e. Linux, C++, Matlab, Simulink, Mathematica, VBA, Microsoft Excel, Bluebeam, AutoCAD, REVIT, EPANET, Java, Python, Flash, ImageJ. 
  • List Software, i.e. PSpice, Electronic Workbench, Verilog. 
  • Lab Techniques. 
  • Machine Shop Skills: Souldering Relevant. 


  • List unpaid or paid related to the desired position, i.e. internships, projects, labs, class projects, research. 
  • List Project/Internship/Job Title in bold (Starting with most recent experience). 
  • List organization name with City, State. 
  • Include dates (Month/Year-Month/Year). 
  • Create 3-6 bullet points for each experience that illustrate accomplishments (no period recommended). 
  • Bullet formula: Action Verb + Task + Result/Accomplishment, i.e. Developed Matlab model of enzyme kinetics in the bloodstream, which led to groundbreaking research in studying drug propagation within the body. 

Leadership Experience

  • List Title and Organization Name, i.e. President, Society for Women Engineers. 
  • Same guidelines as Relevant Experience Professional Memberships/Affiliations. 
  • List Organization Name, City, State, Month/Year-Month/Year Language Skills. 
  • List proficient languages; indicate proficiency level.