During these uncertain times, many students may be wondering if any organizations are hiring. While there have been changes in the workforce due to the impacts of COVID-19, many companies and industries are continuing to hire. Here are some tips and resources for finding a job during uncertain times.

Keep an open mind with available opportunities

As you job search, do your best to keep an open mind about the available positions and companies that are hiring. Starting in an entry-level role can be a viable option, especially for students who have an immediate need for work. These types of jobs are often in large corporations that have professional jobs and other roles with salaries. Starting in an entry-level position can be an opportunity to demonstrate your value as an employee and be considered for future promotions.

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Broaden your search

A great place for CU students to find internships and jobs is Handshake. Handshake is your free one-stop shop for starting your career journey, and CU’s online recruiting tool used by thousands of employers. It’s available to all CU students, and can be an important and helpful part of your search for a job after graduation.

In addition to keeping an open mind about available positions, broaden your search for opportunities in industries that are in demand right now. These include:

  • Internet and software
  • Health care
  • K-12 education
  • Non-profit
  • Electronic and computer hardware
  • Manufacturing
  • Research
  • Higher education
  • Construction
  • Government

Set up saved searches on Handshake to receive emails when positions are posted that meet your search criteria.

Find ways to stay motivated

Whether you’ve just started looking for a job or you’ve been submitting applications for a while, it can be common to experience feelings of rejection. Even though it can feel discouraging, keep applying and networking to maintain momentum in your job search. Set goals for a number of applications and networking contacts per week, rather than waiting to hear back from one company at a time. If it’s helpful, you could ask a friend to help keep you accountable and motivated.

As you’re searching, consider learning a new skill. This can give you something other than the job search to think about, and it might help you in your search. All CU students have free access to LinkedIn Learning, an online library of instructional videos that cover a variety of professional skills. To access LinkedIn Learning, log in to your student portal and click ‘Training’ in the lower right navigation.

Volunteering is another good way to stay motivated. It’s an opportunity to support a cause you’re passionate about, and can remind you of your strengths. You can also include volunteer work on your resume. Visit the Volunteer Resource Center to find opportunities.

Career Services is here to help

For more tips, check out weekly virtual programs and workshops from Career Services:

These free workshops will share best practices for resumes, making progress in your search, especially during challenging times, and more.