Arial view of student wearing a green sweater while looking at a laptop and writing in a notebookPerformance on this test is as important to law school admission as your undergraduate GPA.  Many people dedicate a significant amount of time and discipline in preparing for the test itself.  Still, there is no right or wrong way to take the test, but there are multiple options.

Self-driven study preparation

There are ample test books, practice tests, and published strategies for taking the test.  If you feel comfortable and disciplined as a self-starter then take advantage of these resources to design and implement a self-driven LSAT preparation program.  Consider your other commitments (courseload, work, extra-curricular commitments) and develop a study timeline accordingly.

You will find free LSAT materials through the LSAC website. You can also order prep materials through LSAC or find used materials online.  A simple search should reveal many options. The key to performing well on the LSAT is taking multiple practice tests under actual conditions.  You can even find an online proctor that simulates a real proctor and test timing. 

Engaging an LSAT Tutor

Somewhere between the self-driven study preparation and a preparatory course lies the tutor.  You can find LSAT tutors through LSAT prep companies and online ads.  Tutors will provide more structure and outside discipline but it remains incumbent on you to find and engage the tutor.

Test Preparation Companies

If you want more structure and would benefit from an instructor, research what LSAT prep courses offers, their cost, their availability, and scheduling.  Many prep courses meet two or three times each week and offer test-taking strategy instruction, homework, question-and-answer opportunities, and proctored practice tests. 

A partial list of LSAT prep companies includes the following:

  • Campus Prep: Low-cost LSAT offered in the classroom or online
  • Kaplan: LSAT preparation offered in the classroom, online, or through one-on-one tutoring
  • Powerscore: LSAT preparation offered in the classroom, online, or through one-on-one tutoring
  • Princeton Review: LSAT preparation offered in the classroom, online, a mix of both classroom and online, or through one-on-one tutoring.
  • Testmasters: LSAT preparation offered in the classroom, online, or through one-on-one tutoring.

As with all things, research the various prep companies, their prices, their programs and determine the one that best suits your needs, your timing, and your budget.