Published: Feb. 17, 2016
Emily Jennings-Fast Photo

What were some of the services you used or events you attended through CU Boulder Career Services?

I used the job search function on the career services website and I found it very helpful! I also used the career service website to find events held by employers I was interested in.

What were the main steps you took to get your internship/job?

I have had three internships and now have a job offer. Here's how I received each.

1. My first two internships (at Pioneer Energy) were through close family and friend connections (networking).
2. My third internship (at Chevron) I found and applied for through the career services website. 
3. My final job offer (at BASF) came from attending an informational session the company held on the CU Boulder campus.

How did CU-Boulder Career Services help you with your internship/job search process?

The career services website helped me immensely! Over the course of last semester, I interviewed with 6 companies (all through applications on the career services website). I also utilized the job search function that sends email notifications if jobs are posted within your interest area.

Describe your role and responsibilities at your current organization.

My job offer with BASF, which is an international chemical production company, is a rotational program called the Professional Development Program. My job is to explore various positions in the company and find where I fit. I will mostly be working as a process engineer on one of their chemical plants and my job is to ensure the process is running safely and optimally.

What other comments or recommendations do you have for fellow Buffs as they begin their search? 

The career services website is an incredible resource! And I think many of my peers do not use it enough. Employers who post on the career services website are already looking for candidates from CU, so you have a better shot of getting an interview than if you just applied through their website. I landed an internship at Chevron and interviews with about 6 other companies through the career services website.

What would you tell a student who has never used Career Services?

I would highly encourage any student who has not used the Career Services website for their job or internship search to check it out. It helped me land several job interviews and an internship.

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