Published: Dec. 9, 2015

What were some of the services you used or events you attended through CU Boulder Career Services?

Believe it or not, I've actually attended Career Services events on both ends of the spectrum - as a student AND an employer! As a student, I used Career Buffs to apply for jobs, and also, went to their career fairs every year since I was a sophomore! Now that I'm a recruiter, I just attended a hiring event about how to attract CU Boulder students! It's good stuff!

What were the main steps you took to get your internship/job?

What's funny is that the first internship I took was actually emailed to me through Career Services, which I applied for and received - and my first supervisor there recommended me for my second internship. It was that second supervisor who referred me to the company I work at now! It has taught me that the world is smaller than you think!

Describe your role and responsibilities at your current organization.

Currently, I work as a Recruiter on the agency staffing side, and help companies find the best talent to fill their open jobs! Also, I love talking with students and helping them optimize their resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles to get the most out of their job search process. Let's chat if you're interested!

What other comments or recommendations do you have for fellow Buffs as they begin their search? As someone that sees A LOT of resumes, it's definitely a good idea to get a second opinion on what you think is a great resume (or even a sixth or seventh!) Sometimes, you get so used to seeing your own resume that you don't notice little typos or areas where things could be improved. Also, don't submit the same resume to EVERY job - it's okay to keep the format the same for similar jobs that you're applying for, but don't send the resume that reflects mostly your marketing background, for instance, if you're trying to apply for a non-marketing based job. It's also a great idea to consider agency staffing, as we often can be a great third-party recommendation as you start to seek employment!

What would you tell a student who has never used Career Services?

Just drop in and say "hi" - they're well-connected people, and would LOVE to help!

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