Published: Sept. 16, 2015
Arreola Pena

What were some of the services you used or events you attended through CU Boulder Career Services?

I attended one-on-one meetings with a career service counselor to be able to prepare my resume and help me search for a job.

What were the main steps you took to get your internship/job?

The main step that I took to getting my internship was getting help on my resume. Since I had started college I had not touched my resume even once, which meant that it wasn't updated on all the recent jobs that I had while in college. I was not familiar with what a resume needed or how I should organize it, but by going to the career service counselor I got great feedback and tips!

How did CU Boulder Career Services help you with your internship/job search process?

Career Services has not only helped me with knowing how to organize my resume but also with how to look for a job, questions on how to prepare for an interview, and also how to negotiate between jobs if accepted to more than one. My counselor was great; she made me feel like I had someone to go to if anything came up on my interviews. It felt great and confident to know that I had someone I could ask questions.

Describe your role and responsibilities at your current organization

I am a Parent Organizer at Padres Y Jovenes Unidos. I am part of the Education Reform campaign which means that I provide resources and tools for parents to improve schools in southwest Denver. Our campaign priority is to help improve schools and get more parents involved within their child's school.

What other comments or recommendations do you have for fellow Buffs as they begin their search?

I would recommend not to wait until senior year to start looking for a job. If I could go back I would take advantage of career services starting from the beginning of my time at CU because there are so many great resources out there for us as students, and we don't take advantage of those. Career services has great counselors and we should take advantage of that!

What would you tell a student who has never used Career Services?

If a student has never been to career services, I would recommend to get involved with them soon. Career services is there to guide us into the real world. If it wasn't for career services, I would have had a harder time preparing for interviews and knowing where to start looking for job postings. I would recommend to set up a meeting with a counselor and start talking to them about career paths that might be of interest so that the student can start taking baby-steps to a successful career once graduation comes along.