Published: Aug. 5, 2015

Alex Kizirian, Chemical Engineering, May 2015

What were some of the services you used or events you attended through CU Boulder Career Services?

Throughout my five years of pursuing a degree in chemical engineering, I utilized/attended: Career Counseling, Resume Reviews, Career Fairs, Networking Events, Company Info Sessions

What were the main steps you took to get your internship/job?

I met with my career counselor on at least a monthly basis during the school year. I took advantage of half a dozen resume reviews in order to refine my resume's format and content. I developed and practiced networking skills while making contacts at career events such as networking nights, career fairs, and company info sessions. I researched companies that I was interested in and the exact positions I felt that I would enjoy and do well in. I made sure that I could explain to recruiters why I was interested in their company and how my skill set fit into their internship and job openings. I developed strong relationships with company recruiters and utilized self marketing techniques to earn an interview. Once obtaining a preliminary interview, I performed mock interviews in front of a camera by myself or with my career counselor. I made sure I knew a bit about the company's products, structure, major locations, and culture prior to stepping into the interview.

How did CU Boulder Career Services help you with your internship/job search process?

My career counselor, helped me develop: strong self-marketing skills, networking skills, build and refine my resume, the ability to market my brand as a student athlete engineer, improve my interview skills. All of this aid was crucial in obtaining two internships with two different oil and gas companies prior to accepting a job at Phillips 66.

Describe your role and responsibilities at your current

I am working at the Phillips 66 refinery in Borger Texas where I will be a Process Safety Engineer. This role includes working with people of varying disciplines and degrees of technical knowledge to ensure that refinery operations are aligned with the most rigorous government safety standards while maintaining quality in production.

What other comments or recommendations do you have for fellow Buffs as they begin their search?

Utilize all of the resources provided by Career Services. Make time in your busy college schedules to attend career fairs even as freshmen. Develop relationships with employers early on so that you stand out in the crowd during your junior and senior year career fairs. Finding a job is much more challenging once you get out of college if you do not have relevant internship experience.

What would you tell a student who has never used Career Services?

It’s free and it will help you develop crucial networking and self-marketing skills that are crucial for your career in whichever field it may be. Take advantage of these great resources.


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