We offer CU Boulder housing to our students, faculty, staff and families and we want you to feel welcome in your home away from home. With our combination of exceptional residential programs and services, breathtaking mountain views and stunning architecture we strive to deliver one of the best on-campus living experiences in the country.

Residence Hall Living

First-year freshmen are required to live in a residence hall for their two semesters (excluding summer session), while transfer students can choose this option, Bear Creek Apartments or off-campus living. Living in a residence hall is a valuable part of building the foundation for a successful college experience. Here are some of the amenities and benefits you can expect:

  • Fully furnished rooms
  • Utilities, including wireless Internet and basic cable TV service
  • Combination microwave oven, freezer and refrigerator
  • Free academic support through the Academic Success and Achievement Program
  • Support of resident advisors (RAs)
  • Community-building activities and events
  • Study and lounge areas
  • Flexible meal plans
  • Free night-time transportation from CU NightRide
  • Advanced locking and fire safety systems
  • Safety patrols of grounds and parking lots

Residential Academic Programs

Students live together in the same residence hall, share academic experiences by participating in in-hall seminar classes, have access to faculty offices on-site and engage in residence hall activities that reinforce the academic theme. The program is coordinated by a faculty director, and is generally focused on first-year students.

  • Program is for entire academic year
  • Enhanced academic curriculum
  • Full-time faculty director
  • Classroom space in the residence hall
  • Enhanced program activities
  • $850 per year fee associated with all RAPs

Baker RAP—Interdisciplinary curriculum in the natural sciences, pre-health and environmental studies.

CMCI/Communication and Society RAP—Explore complex social problems and challenges of communication in contemporary society.

Engineering Honors RAP—Provide educational experiences that match the abilities and ambitions of some of the very best students at CU.

Farrand RAP—Emphasis on liberal arts, particularly humanities and cultural studies, taught by award-winning faculty.

Global Engineering RAP—Focus on engineering and Spanish.

Global Studies RAP—Focused on global interdependencies and promoting international understanding.

Health Professions RAP—Emphasis on academic preparation for careers in the health professions.

Honors RAP—Provide a high-powered, intellectual environment while combining the community of a small liberal arts college with the advantages of a large research university.

Leeds RAP—Focus on becoming a well-rounded, prepared and engaged global leader equipped to succeed in twenty-first century workplaces.

Libby Arts RAP—Interdisciplinary curriculum in the arts, including visual arts, theater and dance, music and film studies.

Pre-Business RAP—First-year students pursuing a business degree but not yet admitted into the Leeds School of Business.

Sewall RAP—Engage complex connections between the present and the past, between local places and our global society and between the arts and sciences.


Living & Learning Communities

Living and learning communities provide a residence hall environment to students in which participants live together in the same hall and engage in activities that enforce a particular academic or special interest theme.

  • Program is for the entire academic year
  • Enhanced program activities
  • No additional fee associated with LLCs*

*Quad Engineering LLC has a $130 per year fee

Active Living LLC—Students interested in leading and intentionally active lifestyle.

Buchanan Community LLC—Focuses on providing community and programming for black-identified students and their allies, and anyone with a passion for equal rights for all students.

Multicultural Perspectives LLC—Students interested in social justice and diversity issues and anyone with a desire to further their education of identities and cultural intersectionality.

Quad Engineering LLC—Providing a shared living environment for students studying a wide range of fields related to engineering or the applied sciences.

Spectrum LLC—Community and programming for students that are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or queer, or anyone who is passionate about equal rights for all students.

Transfer WEST LLC—Supportive academic community designed specifically to meet the needs of transfer students.

Graduate & Family Housing

We offer a variety of apartment options that are available to graduate and postdoctoral students, CU faculty and staff, and visiting scholars that are single, in committed relationships or with families. Discover more >

Off-Campus Housing

After freshman year, students typically live in apartments, condominiums or houses in Boulder. Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations maintains listings of rentals in the Boulder community.

Dining Options

Students in cafe in C4C

Whether you're in the mood for a fresh curry bowl,  made-to-order burrito or grilled cheese sandwich, you'll likely find it in one of our award-winning dining venues. Our culinary professionals create daily menus to meet the needs of a multitude of tastes and we offer a variety of meal plan options and services. 

Dining Centers

  • Center for Community
  • Sewall Hall
  • Village Center


  • CU on the Run
  • Go-Fresh
  • Sewall
  • Village Express

Retail Markets & Cafes

  • Alferd Packer Grill
  • The Bakery
  • Farrand Market
  • Kittredge Market
  • SEEC Café
  • Sewall Market
  • Starbucks
  • The Grotto
  • UMC Market
  • Village Market
  • WeatherTech Café