Aug. 20, 1 p.m. UPDATE: Sterling University Peaks apartments has provided the following information to tenants: "As many of you know, a solution to the bookcases has been in the works for the past two days. There was a decision made that will allow for more privacy. We have set up a model unit to show you the changes that will be made to the units. Please come by the leasing office starting at 10 a.m. (Aug. 20) and we will be happy to show you the model."Sterling University Peaks

Aug. 19, 2:45 PM UPDATE: The following are some tips from CU Student Legal Services pertaining to rental housing lease agreements:

Sterling University Peaks apartments is asking student tenants to sign a form described as an “acceptance of the modifications.” Students might be told they will not get the compensation package unless they sign the form.  Students who are willing to accept that compensation and move on without further objection to their displacement earlier this week and the new housing configuration are certainly free to sign that form. Students not sure or not willing to accept the situation without further objection should not sign until they are really sure what they want to do. There is no need to sign the form in order to move back in or to remain in.

Aug. 19, 2:30 PM UPDATE: Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations and Student Legal Services will hold an informational meeting next week with students to advise them on their rights and responsibilities as off-campus tenants. All students interested in learning more are invited to attend a meeting at 6 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 22, at the University Memorial Center, Room 235. The informational session and question-and-answer period will be open to current CU Boulder students only. All attendees must present a Buff OneCard at the door.

Aug. 18, 5 p.m. UPDATE: A Sterling University Peaks apartment owner has informed the university that compensation will be provided to residents for their inconvenience. Each resident will be offered a $500 cash payment, in addition to reimbursement for two days of rent. The apartment owners will also reimburse residents for Wednesday night transportation and hotel expenses. Please contact the apartment complex for further details. 

Aug. 18, 4:15 P.M. UPDATE: Per the city of Boulder, all 96 units now meet building codes and are habitable again. 

Aug, 18, 2:15 P.M. UPDATE: Per the city of Boulder, 94 of the 96 units now meet building codes and are habitable again. Students are returning to their units. City inspectors and the apartment complex owner are working diligently toward a solution to make the remaining two units habitable as soon as possible. 

The University of Colorado Boulder is closely monitoring the ongoing situation at the off-campus Sterling University Peaks apartments at 2985 E. Aurora Ave. in Boulder. On Aug. 17, city of Boulder building inspectors deemed nearly all of the 96 units uninhabitable after a recent renovation. The property manager asked residents to find temporary accommodations for the evening. Construction crews worked through the night to remedy the building code violations. Per the city of Boulder, inspectors are on site today to ensure building code compliance with the goal of allowing residents back into their units later today, Aug. 18. 

CU Boulder is gathering information from the property manager, the city and others and will keep students, their families and the broader community apprised of any updates. Please continue to check this website for more information as it becomes available.

Students affected by this situation can contact Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations with questions or concerns at 303-492-7035 or via email at To sign up for email updates, please provide your name and email address

Students can also monitor the following social media channels for the latest details:



Other available resources include:

Office of Victim Assistance

Wardenburg Health Center – Counseling & Psychiatric Services

Student Legal Services

Boulder Community Mediation Service

City Rental Licensing

Environmental & Zoning Enforcement