Camila Taylor

San Pedro, CA

Graduated from:
University of Colorado Boulder (Go Buffaloes!!!!)

Yoga/hiking/running, telling Dad jokes, eating, going to CU Boulder football games, international travel, and wearing workout clothes even if I don’t plan on actually working out

Favorite thing about CU Boulder:
The alumni around the world. I’ve meet people in Peru, Germany, and England (just to name a few) who will see my Colorado gear and say, “Oh my gosh, you went to Colorado?!”. I’ll never forget hiking in Machu Picchu, staring at its beauty and hearing someone randomly say “Sko Buffs”. To this day, I have no idea where it came from or who said it.

Favorite place to eat in Boulder:
Rayback Collective, Boulder’s own food truck park!

You will find the institution that is best for you. I understand entering in this new chapter can be stressful but pick the school that works for you personally! I know I did and I have friends and memories to last me a lifetime.