black and white photo of the colorado river at the canyon of LodoreThe Getches-Wilkinson Center (GWC) 40th annual summer conference Charting a Better Course for the Colorado River: Identifying the Data and Concepts to Shape the Interim Guidlines Renegotiation will be held at the Wolf Law Building, Wittemyer Courtroom Thursday and Friday, June 6 - 7, 2019.

On June 6 - 7, 1869, John Wesley Powell's expedition down the Colorado was prepping for passage through the Canyon of Lodore, an arduous journey that ultimately cost the expedition a ship and a third of the expedition's provisions. Please join us exactly 150 years later to gear up for a journey through Colorado River rapids of a different kind: How best to navigate through the upcoming negotiation of the new Interim Guidelines. The existing Interim Guidelines (IG)-which expire after 2026-have been instrumental in slowing reservoir declines, delaying curtailments, and establishing a collaborative environment for subsequent innovations, but truly sustainable water management is still an unrealized goal. With the help of emerging drought contingency plan (DCP) programs, is the new negotiation (IG 2.0) the last best opportunity to craft a lasting solution to the river's broken water budget? If so, what data, concepts, frameworks, and principles are key to success?

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