Colorado River near Blythe CA with accounting verbage text boxesThe next Water Accounting in RiverWare class is set for May 15 -17, 2019.

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Water Accounting in RiverWare course provides an introduction to modeling water ownership, water type, and / or water rights using RiverWare's Water Accounting solution approach. This will allow you to track both the phisical water and the "paper" water. This class requires a basic understanding of the simulation and rulebased simulation techniques.

The course includes:

  • Conceptual Overview of Accounting in RiverWare: Presentation     
  • Running an Existing Accounting Model: Tutorial          
  • How Accounting Works: Presentation      
  • Building an Accounting Model: Tutorial      
  • Accounting with Rulebased Simulation: Presentation     
  • Developing Rules for Accounting: Tutorial     
  • Accounting Utilities: Demonstration and Discussion     
  • Exchanges: Presentation and Tutorial     
  • Water Rights Allocation: Presentation     
  • Building a Water Rights Allocation Model: Group Exercise and Tutorial

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