collage of RiverWare logo, CO river delta and workspace screenshotSummary of Changes in RiverWare Patch Release 7.1.5

Improved Performance when Writing RDF Files

The performance was improved when writing RDF output through MRM outputs, RDF File Output devices, or Excel Output devices. There is a reasonable improvement when writing to a local disk and a significant improvement when writing to network locations.

Distribution Canal Request Routing

The Distribution Canal now allows a monthly model to propagate requests if the lag is set to zero.

Water User Dispatch Slots

On the Water User, the Return Flow Salt Mass was added as a linkable dispatch slot. This slot can be linked for certain salinity modeling approaches.


The following issues were addressed:

  • 5735: An internal error could occur when typing a value into the edit account dialog.
  • 5866: The reliability was improved for the Database DMI using DSS Datasets with paired data.
  • 5988: An internal error could occur when deleting a link to a multi-slot.
  • 6001: In the Script Dashboard, the Script description is shown with improved wrapping.
  • 6025: On the workspace, the Add Text and Add Image dialogs were opening partially off screen.
  • 6026: Link arrows on the workspace were incorrect for multi-slots.
  • 6029: The SCT display could become out of alignment after changing the configuration.
  • 6030: When saving a model without outputs, R flags were incorrectly saved.
  • 6031: After an aborted run, changes to the run parameters incorrectly raised the diagnostic output after each keystroke.

The index of available releases and summary of changes is available here.

The pdf for major release notes are available 7.1 Relase notes as well.