Kalehua Krug
Educational Specialist
Hawaiʻi State Department of Education

 Kalehua Krug hails from the beautiful district of Waiʻanae on the island of Oʻahu.  He is the father of three Hawaiian language speaking students of the Hawaiian language immersion program.  His experience includes language immersion teaching at the Elementary level, immersion teacher training and professional development at the University of Hawaiʻi and currently works as the administrator of the Hawaiian Language Immersion Program of the Hawaiʻi Department of Education.  He has advocated for and supported the development of the Kaiapauni Assessment of Educational Outcomes or KĀʻEO test for federal accountability in regards to Hawaiian language learners in Hawaiʻi.  Dr. Krug’s research focuses on the rediscovery of heritage frameworks for curriculum development, instruction and assessment as found in the Hawaiian language literature and oral recordings of the 18-1900s.