Finance and IM
Leeds Scholars - Student

Hometown: Parker, CO
Academic Area of Focus: Finance and IM
Interests: Alpha Kappa Psi, Leeds Council, Brotherhood Committee in Alpha Kappa Psi
Hobbies: I enjoy videography. I also love to ski, or do anything outdoors. I also love to travel, when I can!

I chose Leeds Scholars because I wanted to enhance my learning and college experience. As I prepared for college, my goal was to get as involved as possible, meet as many people as I could, and form relationships that would last a lifetime. Through joining LS, I have gained all of that and more. It has enhanced my college experience in ways I never thought possible, varying from meeting local business executives to providing me with phenomenal mentorship, to even taking me to Argentina to study business in a different culture. I am so grateful for everything LS has provided me and how well it is helping me shape my future.