Leeds Academic Advising is now operating remotely.

Although our physical office is closed, we are still here for you for advising and registration help. You can continue to schedule appointments with your academic advisor here

All advising appointments will be held via online Zoom meetings or phone. When you schedule an appointment online, your Zoom meeting link will be in the confirmation email you receive.

CU Boulder has a great ecosystem of campus resources, offices, and support centers students can utilize. But, students have told us that it can be hard to join. The Leeds Advising office is trying to make it easier! This website is meant to help you learn how to be a successful student in the Leeds School of Business. It is your one stop shop for all the skills you will need to do well. Please scan through the options below.

If you earn a low grade on a test, don't assume you will do better next time or that you can bring it up on the final exam. Don't wait to figure out what you are missing. Discuss the exam with your instructor/professor/TA as soon as possible. Review what you missed and assume this material will show up on another exam. Make sure you are very clear about how the curve and grading scale work for the course. Visit your academic advisor for assistance with finding the right resources. Get a tutor, form a study group, or attend a test preparation workshop.

"According to results from the National College Health Assessment of CU Boulder students, sleep, stress, and colds and flu are the most prevalent health issues that impact students’ academics. Other health issues affect fewer students but have very significant impacts on participation and success in school." Eating right, getting enough sleep and regular exercise are key to your academic performance. The Wardenburg Health Center is a great place for when you are feeling sick, but they have tons of great information on staying healthy. Take a look at the Health Promotion website for more information.

Learning with a disability is challenging. Part of academic success or being a "good student" is knowing your limits and when to ask for help.  Many students who used services in high school feel like they want to make a change and do everything on their own in College. That sense of personal responsibility is commendable but PLEASE consider working with Disability Services.  There are highly trained learning specialists who are dedicated to helping all students with learning differences be successful at CU Boulder.

Disability Services

Location: Center for Community (C4C) N200
Main Office: (303)-492-8671
Fax: 303-492-5601
E-Mail: DSinfo@colorado.edu

 There are a ton of free online resources students can access to improve study skills. Here is a short list of our favorites: 

Standing up in front of a crowd and giving a presentation can be very tough, nerve racking and down right intimidating. Our friends in the Center for Excellence in Communication at the University of Colorado--Colorado Springs campus, have created some great resources for public speaking. Below are some key things to remember when giving a presentation or speaking before large groups.

Having trouble writing that paper? Did you earn a lower grade on your first college paper? Head over to the Writing Center which offers free assistance throughout the writing process. They are located in Norlin library, E-111   Ph: (303) 735-6906