Visit the Registrar for a helpful step by step guide to all things registration.

Advising Holds

You'll have an advising hold if you are a first year student, if you are on probation and haven't met with an advisor yet or if you have completed 60 credit hours and haven't declared an area of emphasis yet. There may be other reasons for a hold, so be sure to contact your advisor well in advance of your registration date if you see a hold on your account. To see whether or not you have a stop, log in to your student center at and look at the box on the right-hand side of the screen labeled "Holds" Any stops from any office on campus will be listed there and you can click on each one for more information about how to resolve them.

Course Prerequisites

Prerequisites are listed in the course description for each class. You can look these up in the catalog or on the registration system. In addition, you can find information about pre-requisites for BCOR classes at each Division's section of the website. The information sheets for each Area (available in the Undergraduate Student Services office) also list the prerequisites for the Area of Emphasis courses.

The registration system will sometimes allow you to register for a course without meeting the prerequisites, but this is NOT a good idea. If you register for a class you haven't met the prerequisites for, you can be administratively dropped at any time during the semester. We do monitor prerequisites and you will likely get caught, so don't risk it. It is your responsibility to know what prerequisites apply to each course.

Finding Arts & Science Content Areas (Core) Classes

There are multiple places where you can find which courses fulfill A&S core requirements. If you have a specific course in mind, you can look up the course description for that class in the catalog or in the course search in MyCUInfo. At the end of the description, it will say "Approved for Arts and Science core curriculum: ______."

If you don't have a specific course in mind and want to see a complete list of all classes that can count in a certain category, you can use the course search function in MyCUInfo. Enter the term and campus and click on "additional search criteria." Under "class attributes" select "Boulder A&S Core" and then under attribute value, select the core area that you would like to search for. Remember that business requires specific courses for Math and Contemporary Societies so you don't have choices in these two areas.

For a full listing of Arts & Sciences core classes, visit the A&S website.