Leeds Academic Advising is now operating remotely.

Although our physical office is closed, we are still here for you for advising and registration help. You can continue to schedule appointments with your academic advisor here

All advising appointments will be held via online Zoom meetings or phone. When you schedule an appointment online, your Zoom meeting link will be in the confirmation email you receive.

Although you can be admitted as undeclared within Business by applying as “Open Option”, you must declare your Area of Emphasis by the time you have completed 45 credits. You can declare your Area of Emphasis by emailing LeedsUG@colorado.edu or meeting with an undergraduate advisor. To prepare for your meeting, review the requirements for each Area of Emphasis.

Be sure to declare your Area of Emphasis before you have completed 45 credits. If you are unsure of which area you will choose, there are a lot of resources to help you. Talk to your advisor, meet with Leeds Career Development in Koelbel S210 or the University Career Services in the C4C, and visit with faculty advisors. You will be taking a BCOR class in almost every Area of Emphasis in Leeds, so that will give you a glimpse as to what the different areas are like. It will take you 2-3 semesters to complete the 18 credits required for your Area of Emphasis, so be sure to get started in area classes your junior year.

How long does it take to complete a Major (Area of Emphasis)?

It depends on the Area and your other plans. Most Areas have prerequisites, so the first step is to look at these and make sure you take courses in the required order (i.e. you must take the 3000-level FNCE courses before you can enroll in the 4000-level FNCE courses). After you have completed the introductory BCORs, some Areas take 3 semesters to complete. If you plan to study abroad or take a semester off, this could affect how long it takes to complete your Area. Please see an advisor to discuss your plans. Transfer students and IUT students who come in without BCORs completed could take up to 6 semesters to complete their area of emphasis requirements because of prerequisites.

Changing your Major (Area of Emphasis)

If you would like to change your area, contact the Undergraduate Student Services office either by stopping by the office in Koelbel S210, e-mailing leedsug@colorado.edu, or calling us at 303.492.6515. If you are near graduation and an Area change may affect your graduation timeline, we will ask you to meet with an advisor before the change is made.


Business electives are any courses offered by the business school that you take in addition to your BCOR and Area of Emphasis requirements. You are required to complete 15-18 credits depending on when you started your program. You may use your electives to do extra courses in your area, to complete an area of application or certificate, or to pursue other business interests.

These courses are not gathered under one prefix, so it's hard to see a complete list in the registration system. You would need to search by the different prefixes (ACCT, FNCE, REAL, etc.). An easier way to see a list of courses that will count as Business electives is to look at the University Catalog. Please make sure you check pre-requisites before enrolling in business electives.