Leeds Scholars - Student

Hometown: Superior, CO
Academic Area of Focus: Finance
Interests: Arnold Air Society, AFROTC Booster Club
Hobbies: Physical Training, playing guitar, fishing, recreational sports, darts

Leeds Scholars was definitely one of the deciding factors in my choice to attend CU. I was attracted to the program because I knew the caliber of students that it would attract; that is, I knew that there would always be lively and thought provoking discussion whenever we were together, and that has shown to be accurate. When you join Leeds Scholars, you automatically gain 35 friends in your first week of college who are academically motivated and extracurricularly driven, just like you, and you know that it's a good group of people to be around. So far in Leeds Scholars, I have taken countless bits of advice from our guest speakers, as well as being introduced to a variety of new ideas about the world's current events that I most likely never would've thought of or considered before another Leeds Scholar pointed them out.