Toby Kropp Leeds Scholars
Business Open Option
Leeds Scholars - Student

Hometown: Leeds Scholars, Norlin Scholars
Academic Area of Focus: Business Open Option
Interests: Leeds Scholars, Norlin Scholars
Hobbies: Golf, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Hiking, Backpacking, Guitar, Trombone, Lifting Weights


Leeds Scholars provides me with a fantastic opportunity to network both professionally and non-professionally with other motivated students.  Being a Leeds Scholar has given me many opportunities which I would have otherwise been unable to attain.  Leeds Scholars has done an excellent job with making me aware to all of the opportunities that are available to me in the business school beyond those that apply specifically to Leeds Scholars members.  I feel that being in Leeds Schoolars keeps me very aware of events and opportunites that I have outside of the organization and prepares me well for such events like the career fair and interviews.  Coming from a very small town, it was very beneficial to me to have a smaller group of indivuals like Leeds Scholars in order to give CU a smaller feel.  It would be easy to get lost in a big business school like Leeds, but I am fortunate to have Leeds Scholars as a guide.  The mentor partnerships were also a very beneficial part of the program and a very valuable resource along with academic advising.