R Dixon
Dean and Professor of Management Accounting
Business School at Durham University

Professor Rob Dixon is Dean and Professor of Management Accounting of the Business School at Durham University, Durham, UK. Professor Dixon has been a member of staff in the Business School since 1992. He has held various administrative roles in the School including Chair of the Board of Studies and Director of the MBA Program.

In 1998 he was promoted to a Chair of Management Accounting. His research interests are broad and include investigations of the contribution of venture capitalists and the impact of regulation on business. He is a highly regarded speaker and has held visiting professorships in Malaysia, Hong Kong, France and Finland.

Professor Dixon is the author of a number of books and articles in the broad field of Management, and has published extensively in learned journals on the broad subject of financial management and performance appraisal. His current research includes corporate finance, governance and control and related accounting issues.

"The economic crisis has shown that we can't simply expect things to go on as they were. It's not just all about profit. Business schools are helping to build a new way of doing business, one that doesn't put the interests of shareholders above all other stakeholders. Business needs well-rounded executives with strong leadership skills and the ability to integrate ethical, sustainable and stakeholder thinking into their management decisions."

More Information on the 2015 Partners in Business Ethics Conference:

Corporations are continually searching for new ways to incorporate business ethics and integrity in the modern day workplace. With that being said, they are concerned that business schools are not graduating students with the understanding nor educational experiences necessary to solve complex ethical issues in business as they arise. What will Partners in Business Ethics do to help solve this issue? The conference will provide the rare opportunity for corporate leaders to play a key role in discussing and defining the business ethics education provided at the top schools around the world.