PFP CFP Program at the Leeds School of Business

The financial planning track is a new addition to the tracks available in the finance area of emphasis, beginning fall, 2016.  The track is designed to prepare students for a career as a personal financial planner and to take the CFP® certification exam.  The development of the program has been fostered by a generous grant from Charles Schwab & Co.

Program Contacts:
Faculty Contact:

Tom C. Nelson, PHD, CFP®

Undergrad Advising:
Debbie Barday

Katelyn Arnett

Note: To elect this track, inform your undergraduate advisor to add the PFP track to your finance emphasis

Personal Financial Planning is a holistic process involving:

  • Establishing a client relationship;
  • Determining client goals;
  • Collection of relevant information;
  • Financial analysis and formulation of a plan of action;
  • Working with the client to implement the financial plan;
  • Monitoring the plan and making adjustments over time.

Financial planners must have strong communication skills, quantitative skills, as well as understand a broad array of financial planning topics and concepts.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the personal financial advisor category of finance careers, which is already quite large (232,000), will grow 27%, adding 60,300 positions, from 2012-22.  Not only will there be large demand for future financial planners, but the compensation is excellent, and job satisfaction of the career is very high.

Students completing the PFP track take 6 courses, including existing required finance courses:

  • FNCE 2820—Introduction to Personal Financial Planning
  • FNCE 3030—Investments and Portfolio Management
    Note:required of all finance students
  • ACCT 3440—Personal Income Taxation
  • FNCE 3040—Insurance, risk management, and retirement planning
    Note:replaces FNCE 4040 Derivatives as a requirement
  • FNCE 3060--Estate planning
  • FNCE 4840—Personal Financial Plan Development (Capstone)
    Note:  replaces FNCE 4850 Finance Seminar as a requirement

An emphasis will be placed on mentoring, internships, and placements specific to the personal financial planning field in cooperation with Schwab, local wealth management firms, and planning practitioners. 


Scholarships are available for this program courtesy of Charles Schwab.  Contact Tom Nelson (above) for details. 

To apply, go to:  (Schwab Scholars Fund)