Partners in Business Ethics Conference,  Paul Meledez
Founder, Center for Leadership Ethics, Eller College of Business
University of Arizona

Dr. Paul Melendez has been with the Eller College of Management since 1996. He earned his doctorate from The University of Arizona with a specialization in “privatization.” As a faculty member he serves as a Professor of Practice, Assistant Dean for Executive Education, and Founder of the Center for Leadership Ethics in the Department of Management and Organizations.

Dr. Melendez teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in business ethics and international management, writes a variety of cases on personal and professional ethics, consults, and leads academic programs to emerging economies. As the Assistant Dean for Executive Education, he develops various customized executive education programs for the business, government, and non-profit sectors. As Founder of the Center for Leadership Ethics he strives to improve organizational ethics through research, education, and outreach programs.

About 2015 Partners in Business Ethics Conference:

Corporate leaders consistently emphasize the importance of ethics and integrity in the workplace. Yet, they are concerned that business schools are not graduating students with the depth of understanding nor educational experiences necessary to recognize and address complex ethical situations when they arise. This conference provides one of the only opportunities available for corporate leaders to play a critical role in discussing and refining the business ethics education provided at top schools around the country.