Get Involved

"Friends, fun, and a job. I have them all thanks to getting involved with Leeds!"
—Sam Battan (BS '11), Leeds Council, Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organizaitons, Alpha Kappa Psi

The Leeds Student Involvement Center can introduce you to lots of business-related and social organizations that will help you develop a home here at the business school. Our goal is to connect you to an event or club at Leeds where you can find students with similar interests.

If nothing exists in the area that you are interested in, we will help you connect with other students with similar interests to start a club. We can support you the entire way, from brainstorming, obtaining funding, finding a faculty/staff sponsor, to navigating the paperwork involved.

Getting involved is easy: send us an email at, and let us know your class year, your major, and your interest or question.

Student groups can help you:

  • Meet students like yourself
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Connect you to faculty or staff you might otherwise not interact with
  • Figure out the aspect of business you enjoy the most
  • Provide an outlet for your interests
  • Prepare for a career

Areas of common interest at Leeds include:

  • Multicultural activities
  • Diversity
  • Public speaking
  • Community service
  • Women in business
  • International business
  • Peer mentorship
  • Sustainability
  • Entertainment/Media
  • Sports
  • Healthcare
  • Technology