Rebekah and Tanner at the Student Business Fair

Introducing Better Bites: A Healthy Blend of Taste and Wellness

May 9, 2024

Meet Tanner and Rebekah, two visionaries from Leeds who are reshaping the way we think about healthy snacking. Tanner Nott’s background is in marketing and entrepreneurship at Leeds where she took the New Venture Creation class, which aligns with her academic pursuits, along with a entrepreneurship certificate from Deming. Outside...

Ozell Williams Jr

The Unstoppable Journey of Ozell Williams and Mile High Tumblers 5280

May 2, 2024

Ozell Williams Jrs’ journey from flipping on his mom's couch at age 3 to becoming a standout figure in tumbling and cheerleading is nothing short of remarkable. Born and raised in Chicago, Williams found his passion early and grew his skills through determination and self-teaching. Despite facing challenges growing up...

Kala Rachal

From Combat to Community: Kala Rachal's Journey of Community Empowerment

April 25, 2024

Originally from Southeast Louisiana, Kala Rachal is finding her true passion in serving underprivileged youth from her true home. Currently living in Chicago, Kala is not only an Army veteran with four years of service, including two deployments abroad, but she also boasts a rich professional background. With a Master's...

Jace Martinez

Jace's Legacy: Inspiring Hope and Empowerment at Jace's Place

April 18, 2024

In the summer of 1997, Monica and Mark Martinez welcomed their third child into the world. Born on July 2nd, baby Jace’s arrival would the beginning of an unexpected and challenging journey, and a spark of inspiration to help many other people in the distant future. His first cry in...

Dan Zhang Democratizes Dynamic Pricing in the Hospitality Industry

April 11, 2024

Arriving in the United States from China 24 years ago as a graduate student, Dan Zhang embarked on what would become a remarkable career in academia and consulting, which took him from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, to his current position at the Leeds School, where he has been shaping...

Garth Fasano

Garth Fasano: Pioneering Data-Driven Innovation in Call Centers and Championing Small Business Success

April 4, 2024

From the skyscrapers of New York to the serene landscapes of Colorado, Garth Fasano , a strategic consultant turned entrepreneur, has reshaped the way we understand call center operations. With a foundation in data analysis and mathematical modeling, his career trajectory took an innovative turn after an insightful internship, leading...

Zoe Parsons

Empowering Inclusion: Zoe Parsons' Journey with Best Buddies at CU Boulder

March 21, 2024

Growing up in Issaquah, Washington, Zoe Parsons was the quintessential social butterfly. Even from an early age, Zoe knew that she had a caring heart with a passion to drive change in her community through creating friendships. Wanting to be friends with everyone she encountered, Zoe found herself forming a...

Noah Purdom

From Colorado's Trails to Whiskey's New Frontier: Noah Purdom's Journey to Crafting Bravado Whiskey

March 14, 2024

Raised in Loveland, Colorado, with the mountains as his playground, Noah Purdom found his passion in mountain biking. This passion didn't just shape his hobbies; it guided his early foray into entrepreneurship. Working in bike shops during high school, he learned the trade and economics of biking, eventually starting his...

CU Collegiate Wind Team

Harnessing the Wind: How a Senior Capstone Team is Changing the Game in Renewable Energy

March 7, 2024

In the heart of CU Boulders engineering community, a unique blend of ambition, innovation, and teamwork is taking shape through the Collegiate Wind Competition team. A senior capstone project that is redefining the boundaries of academic collaboration and renewable energy development. As part of the Design Center at the College...

Benjamin Burney

From Cleats to Canvas: Benjamin Burney's Transition from Athlete to Art Advocate

Feb. 22, 2024

From the plains of Tulsa, Oklahoma, to the streets of New York, and finally settling into the vibrant art scene of Denver, the journey of Benjamin Burney who has traversed the realms of athleticism, academia, and artistry embodies a tale of relentless pursuit and transformation. His athletic abilities shone through...